Mastrototaro, Michael

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michael mastrototaro

born 1970 graz/austria


university for music and interpretive arts, department for computermusic and electronic media. vienna, A


2003 )( PIONEER : sharping the perception of the public.

2003 ausmisten a sound campaign for the Austrian national holiday.

ö1 kunstradio

2003 frisst fisch fritz frischen fisch ? online-performance on

2003 udo_entry. an installation as a portal. realtime network data is transformed
into audio and video. the video is overlayed with an analogue feedback of the entering and leaving people. thus the people passing
by get part of the data stream passing by.
as part of localtask / graz 2003 (cultural capital of europe)

2003 ohrevulution l an interactive video/audio installation for the public space.
opening of the "industrieviertelfestivall 2003" schwechat/a

2003 6th international ART COMMUNICATION festival
panel about [hybrid space / open source -media- architecture]
center for new media culture RIXC riga/lv

2003 screening of FLIEG NICHT RÜCKWERTS

v-scape cinematic tel aviv /IL / museum of contemporary art / il

2003 UDO audiovisual network sniffing
as part of : graz 2003 / kulturhauptstadt europas

2003 rencontres internationales media festival paris/berlin 18. - 28.02.2003. screening of GATE III paris / F

2002 16 volt 1st MACHFELD streamingexperiment

galerie 5020 salzburg / A

2002 mörder, planeten, säuger

das buch zum buch

publication of the text: „und manchmal schreit man ganz leise.“
edition exil vienna / A


20. - 26. NOVEMBER 2002


24:00 channel 25 [ tevel , tel aviiv area ]

24:00 [ arutsei zahav ]

24:30 [ channel 25, matav, haifa ]

screening of the video: FLIEG NICHT RÜCKWERTS
tel aviv/IL

2002 EW3

videosonic-installation in the basin of a former watertower in vienna.

a project by MACHFELD vienna / A

2002 premiere of the play der kaiser und die dirn

in the course of the mostviertelfestivals 2002. persenbeug / A

2002 GATEIII, / nomination for the best experimental video by the international filmfestival dahlonega atlanta / USA

2002 O.T / net-reading in the course of the MACHFELD LIVE_VIDEO_BROADCAST_FESTIVALS: strömung null.eins.

2002 The Game! real geame on

2002 Traditional viennese EXTRAWURSTSEMMEL

publication of a recipe in the finish/german art magazin marlon_02 berlin/helsinki, D/FIN

2001 electronic wallpaper 3, video installation. in cooperation with sabine maier.

museum of applied arts | contemporary art [MAK] vienna / A

2001 the living cube

oppening event palais epstein, video installation. vienna / A

2001 BARBY, video installation.

kulturverein baden baden / A

2001 symposion lindabrunn art in public space,

sound / video installation. “GATE III”,
in cooperation with christoph theiler & sabine maier
enzesfeld / A

2001 AUSFLUG, art & architecture.

interventions in urban space.
robert-stolz platz, vienna /A

2000 Strip Poker, Walk alone.
video presentation.

museum of modern art. detroit / USA

2000 price winner of the price for lyricism
schreiben zwischen den kulturen 2000.
the anthology “fremdland” was published in combination with that event. verein exil. vienna / A

2000 machination 0.1, MACHFELD presnts short films,
live-streaming, digitalizing of the visitors.....
schikaneder kino, vienna / A

1999 BARBY, space / video installation. in cooperation with sabine maier. display in progress / schikaneder kino , vienna / A

1999 Walk alone. Videoinstallation.
Kulturpool vienna/A

1999 reading of the novel Machfeld,

amerlinghaus, vienna / A

1999 reading of the novel Der Sandhaufen,

little stage, vienna / A

1999 hörspielpositionen reading: Der Sandhaufen

austrian phonothek. vienna / A

1999 machfeld, the radio novel in continuation. radio orange, vienna / A

1999 founder of MACHFELD, international arts and culture society

1999 finishing of the novel machfeld. vienna / A

1998 BARBY, video installation.

film & video festival “massive video liverpool”
liverpool / UK

1998 coloborator at radio orange 94.0 MHz. vienna / A

1998 netradion ottakring, reading: Der Sandhaufen. vienna / A

1998 der sandhaufen radio play version.
live reading performance at the “internationalen hörspieltagung” rust / A

1998 multimedia concept: der sandhaufen mit experiment verdichtung nach peter ablinger. in cooperation with michael pinter& winfried ritsch.

premiere on “kunststücke”, Austria TV 1 (ORF). vienna / A

1997 comic project far out with m. v. graaff, michael pinter.

publication in GR`NN 6, zeist / NL

1997 finishing of the novel der sandhaufen. zeist / NL & vienna / A

1997 electronic wallpaper 1 video installation.

ORF vienna / A

1996 different tape compositions, alte schmiede, vienna / A

1992 gruppe 4. juni exhibition, interactiv object, nordstern graz / A

1992 music project “eigenroth”, performance with m. pinter, w. ritsch, b. lang, s. maier und o. krenn, fond graz / A

1991 intergalactic sense network sound experiment whit w. ritsch, b. lang und m. pinter “posibilities to find contact with
intelligence in space”, graz / A


streming projects on


horrible octopus versus superb snake

zdravstvuyte, guten tag

the game_2


der sandhaufen

in cooperation with Michael Pinter

Stroemung null.eins